Buried SJSC powder photos discovered during google search

As I watch huge snowflakes fall outside my office window, I yearn for the first icy faceshot blast of the season. Ironically, while I am in a semi-hypnotic state from staring at the falling snow and at my computer, I stumble upon a secret powder photo stash after googling SJSC.  Up till now, these photos have remained hidden to the San Juan Ski Company, buried in countless pages of trivial SJSC tidbits and defunct travel websites that once listed our snowcat business.

Perhaps fate led me to photos. Certainly the snowy day did.

Mike Saemisch, an award-winning semi-pro photographer, took the photos several years ago while catskiing with us. Coincidentally, Mike has an article and photo in October’s Powder Magazine (pg 134). For more of Mike’s photos and a link to the original site the photos were posted on, check out our facebook page.

It looks like Mike and his powder comrades had an incredible day snowcat skiing Scotch Creek! (And, with the amount of snow that is falling outside my window right now, we too could be charging through powder soon). In the meantime, live vicariously and enjoy Mike’s powder shots.  – Carrie Rule

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