SJSC offers Penultimate Ski Pass

VIEW FROM THE BACK OF THE CAT – by sjsc guide kevin devine

Recently Aspen Skiing Co. announced that it is again offering “The
Ultimate Ski Pass.”

 For $25,000, pass holders will get “unlimited first tracks before chairlifts open,” get to meet members of the Women’s U.S.
Ski Team, have breakfast with the president of the U.S. Ski and
Snowboard Association, and more.

First tracks….really?

Inspired by “The Ultimate Ski Pass,” The San Juan Ski Company,
Colorado’s largest snowcat skiing operation is
now offering “The Penultimate Ski Pass.”

If Aspen has the last word in ski passes SJSC has the next to last word in ski passes. For $24,999, (Notice: this pass is cheaper) pass holders get 100 skier days with SJSC that can be used solely for fresh trackin’ or for any of the following perks:

Spend an early season day in a winch cat, experiencing the thrill of
moving up to nine miles an hour through our 36,000 acres of backcountry terrain.  Add to the excitement by talking politics with one of our well-informed wingnut snowcat drivers (left or right wing nuts are available).  Get to experience the tedium…. er, excitement of establishing cat roads.

Got issues?

 Wanna unload some baggage?

 A relationship needs fixing?

Head out into the backcountry on a snowmobile with one of our guides,  get remote, put your skins on, start climbing and open yourself up.  You love the cold smoke, the ‘pow,’ the face shots, but the rest of your life is more like breakable crust.  We can help.  Our sensitive, caring guides will bring you to actual pow stashes at the same time leading you to the untracked powder of your soul.  Tell us.  How do feel about that?

Meeting the U.S. Women’s Ski Team …Okay, that’s pretty cool.  But shredding fresh pow and returning home spiritually centered and in touch with your feelings – kinda priceless, eh?

 Ever dreamed of using explosives? Ever wanted to blow up something  ….besides you ex’s car? 

 How about filling your backpack with Pentolite or maybe some ANFO and heading out with SJSC’s lead guide to do some
snowpack evaluation. Get to yell, “Fire in the hole.” right before the cornice goes kablooie.  But the real fun will be the next time you try to get  that backpack through airport security.

Since this is all about “ultimate” stuff, how about the ultimate
untracked back country experience (and we do mean ultimate). Strap on one of our BCA Float Avalanche Airbags and let’s go ‘git us a avalanche.’ We will find you an avalanche prone ski line and off you go. If the slope  does not go we will find you another. We will not quit until you’ve gone  for the ultimate ride. After which we will name that slope after you.

(SJSC is not responsible for any injuries (physical or psychological) or dry cleaning that might result from this experience.)

While the proceeds from Aspen Skiing Co.’s Ultimate Pass will be split between local schools and helping events tied to World Cup ski racing in Aspen, our intentions are no less noble. The profits from SJSC’s Penultimate Pass will be spent on cosmetic surgery (never mind for whom, maybe it’s more than one) and to support The St. Dementia Home for Aging Ski Guides.

Start buying those Lotto tickets because you know you want to be rockin’ the SJSC Penultimate Pass. It could be the next to last thing you ever do.

The San Juan Ski Company is not responsible for anything. It is
especially not responsible for anything expressed on this

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